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Nekiko's Place

Enter the Realm of the Sleep Deprived

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Hello. I am finally a UCF alumni. I was involved with the music department at UCF, a member of Tau Beta Sigma (the band SERVICE sorority), taking karate, and a history and a social science education major with a minor in Asian studies. I am currently living in Japan (Hiroshima Prefecture) where I am an assistant English teacher.

Since I will be a teacher, my journal is friends only. Feel free to friend me though!

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I do like to draw, as well as dabble in photography. Here is my deviant art page that I upload things to:


My writing journal can be found at nekiko_no_heya. It is friends only also, so if you want to read it then drop me a comment.

I just replaced my mood theme to fit with my current obsession: Doctor Who (and in this instance, the 10th Doctor). The icons have been made by many talented people. I merely collected them.

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Ben McKenzie is love!

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James Dean is Love without a Cause by exit_to_nowhere

Gryffindor Pride forever @
Made by reddiej

*Huggles Shay*

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Coffee is Love by lindsical

And because despite everything else I had to do, I joined nano this year. But...

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